Additional Services


Here at Thomas McMullan we can cater for all your printing needs whether it be a order of service, photo enlargement or memorial cards we can do it all as simple as you like, or we can place all the reading, hymns etc. on there too.












Obituary notices

At Thomas McMullan our supportive staff can help compose and place obituary notices and acknowledgements with Wirral and national newspapers.

Arrangements can be made for any catering you may require whether it be in your home or at outside premises.












Memorial Work

Whilst we are not stonemasons, we can assist you by recommending Several companies who specialise in this area and will be able to cater for all your memorial work needs.











Should you wish the funeral to take place outside the United Kingdom, we can arrange for the necessary documents, flight arrangements and liaise with the relevant embassies thus ensuring minimum delay. We can also organise matters when the death occurs outside the United Kingdom and the reverse occurs.


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