Funeral Home

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The Valley Lodge Funeral HomeĀ Prominent at the junction of Borough Road and Singleton Avenue, Oxton is the Valley Lodge – the premises of Thomas McMullan Funeral Services Ltd.

The property was one of the earliest in the area, having been built in 1880 and was first occupied by William A Richardson, the Dublin born architect who was the Borough Surveyor of Birkenhead.

Following the occupancy of William Richardson, the house was used as a doctors’ surgery – first by Dr Davidson who died in 1929, then by Dr Speechly who was later joined by Dr T Furniss in 1959, who moved premises in South Road.

For some time the building stood empty and fell into disrepair.

Later it was carefully renovated, redesigned and modernised by the McMullan family, who took care to retain its original character and features.

Today the surprisingly large grounds to the rear have been carefully landscaped and also provide ample parking for visitors.